LDA 193A/B Senior Project

Winter and Spring, 2010

Mark Francis


Updated 4/5/2010

The following five Word docs and one Acrobat PDF are course materials:

Many potential projects are listed on our own website as usual: http://lda.ucdavis.edu/newsevents/jobboard/requests.html

Projects not listed there will be specified on this page, below.

A green competition to make redo lawns as edible/productive spaces: http://www.oneprize.org

Hi Mark and Patsy -
I got a call this afternoon from Carole Patterson, Solano County Cooperative
Extension Director. She has a project that would be a great LDA senior
project or grad student project. It is to collaboratively create a garden on
National Guard property in Fairfield near to but not in Travis AFB for
returning Iraqi servicemen. 4H and the National Guard unit are partnering on
this and would like some assistance in design and development. The garden is
to be created on a 1 acre parcel and would include a water feature and a
memorial of some sort. The idea is to fast track development in the next six
months. The Nat'l guard has earth moving equipment, supplies (including
irrigation lines) and lots of people power to help do the work. The 4Hers
(high school age) are partnering with the National Guard adults. I think
this is some sort of expanded Solano County 4H project. There is a need for
a student to create some designs based on discussions with the youth and the
adults, and then to assist in seeing at least a first stage through. There
is no funding available, although some reimbursement for mileage might be
Would either of you know of an undergrad still looking for a senior project
or alternatively a grad student, who might wish to take this on as an
Environmental Leaders Program project?
Joyce Gutstein, PhD
Director, Environmental Leaders Program
Environmental & Community Engagement
John Muir Institute of the Environment
University of California, Davis
530-754-9141 Fax

wondering if you and your students would like to do a study of the sacramento area (mostly city of sac) city owned lots that could be used for community gardens? like the "diggable city" effort that portland made a few years ago.. would like for this to be completed in the spring.. so maybe 2-3 classes could work in it... or maybe a special project for a group of students.. i would be willing to work with them on this project. let me know if this is something that coudl be done by your students.. or another department on campus.  please forward my info and this request to others that may be able to help

From: Cayce Wallace balancewise@earthlink.net

Hello Mr. Francis,

I have a question for you out of left field! There is a local Davis group called DASA (Davis advocates for sheltered animals) here is a facebook link    


We desperately need your wisdom, most likely more than we know, about how to approach the Davis City council on bringing a humane, sate of the art, healthy, green and sustainable animal shelter to Davis that would replace the high kill shelter we now support, Yolo County Animal Control. We adore you work with gardens and open spaces and really need a healthy place that will be a hub for visitors and lectures and teaching as well as sheltering abandoned animals in our area. 

I am not sure if you have been to Yolo Co. Animal control however it is not only an embarrassment and reflects poorly on us a community, it is a disease infested and poorly run pound. Please take the time to look through the DASA page on facebook and read under the discussions tab for some background and history. 

My name is Rebecca Edwards and I am interning with mayor pro tem Don Saylor.

We are working on a project proposal for a neighborhood garden in West Davis, by Lake and Covell. The land in currently used to collect rainwater which will restrict use of the garden during winter months.

We need help in the designing and would be interested in talking to you about the possibility of making it a student project of some sort. It is a unique project as design will have to allow the land to be flooded every winter and then in the spring plots will need to be reconstructed.



UC Davis Community and Regional Development

Campus Landscape Assessment Internship or Senior Thesis Project, Available Immediately

The Grounds-Campus Landscape Architecture unit seeks a graduate student or senior undergraduate intern to work on a landscape assessment project during winter and spring quarters 2010. This is an unpaid internship.

The landscape assessment project seeks to compare several landscapes on campus to assess total inputs and outputs (such as fuel, water, labor, plant materials, expenses, etc.) required to install and maintain different landscape types. If useful results are obtained, the assessment will be used to provide comparative data for a campus landscape management plan.

A successful applicant will have a broad understanding of natural systems and processes and landscape components, the ability to conduct measurements outdoors, the ability to interview and interact tactfully and appropriately with a range of campus employees, from grounds supervisors to campus landscape architects and the campus sustainability planner, strong writing skills, and strong data analysis skills. Additional desirable, but not required, skills include facility with AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

The internship provides on-the-job training and will result in benefits to the campus community as a whole. The student will have a role in interpreting the results of the project. Hours will be arranged. Academic credit can be arranged.

Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in the project, the skills, knowledge and abilities you would contribute to the project, and your availability during winter and spring quarters.  All application materials should be sent, in PDF format, to Skip Mezger, Campus Landscape Architect, scmezger@ucdavis.edu.