At the graduate level the landscape architecture faculty maintains an active role in graduate education through participation in various graduate groups. The landscape architecture program has housed and supported the  Geography Graduate Group  (GGG) since its inception in 1993, and there are now around 70 graduate students and 60 affiliated faculty members from across campus in the GGG. Landscape architecture faculty are actively involved in teaching, advising and administration of the GGG program.

The recently established concentration in  Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design  (LAED) within the GGG has been attracting increasing numbers of applicants. Each year, a portion of GGG admissions are reserved for LAED applicants that are eligible to receive block grant funding for their initial two years of study. A number of university fellowships are also available.

In addition to the GGG, the landscape architecture faculty participates actively in a number of other graduate groups on campus, especially the Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Group, Community and Regional Development Graduate Group and the Graduate Group in Ecology.



Affiliated Graduate Groups

Graduate Studies Brochure

LDA Course Descriptions

Sample grad courses:

LDA 200: Citizenship, Democracy, and Public Space (Spring 2011)

LDA 201 with Mark Francis

(Winter 2009 GRAD)

LDA 298 Citizenship, Democracy and Public Space (Spring 2008)

LDA 200 with Michael Rios

(Spring 2008)

LDA 201 with Mark Francis

(Winter 2008)

LDA 204 with Stephen Wheeler

(Fall 2007) 

LDA 260 with Heath Schenker

(Fall 2006)