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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design is the home to the two undergraduate majors (LA and SED) described above and the Geography Graduate Group. Landscape Architecture courses have been taught at UC Davis since the 1940s whereas the Sustainable Environmental Design major is in its infancy. We pride ourselves on the small, family-like atmosphere of LA+ED. Faculty and undergraduate students work closely in studio settings, group studies, and research. In 2009, we moved to state-of-the-art facilities in Hunt Hall and welcome anyone to stop by, chat, and check out the student work lining the hallways.

Faculty members also teach and advise in many graduate groups across campus. In particular, the Geography graduate program provides a unique opportunity for students to focus on landscape architecture and environmental design topics under the mentorship of a landscape architecture faculty member. The Ph.D. in the Geography is an excellent choice for students with a Masters in Landscape Architecture or other design degree, and that are interested in pursuing an academic career.

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Brett Milligan has been named one of the 2015 Hellman Fellows. He is 1 of 12 assistant professors recognized for their potential to achieve great scholarly distinction with the subject "DredgeFest California: Bay-delta earthworks."

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UC Davis is the Sierra Club's number 2 green school in the nation

Additionally, UC Davis has been ranked 8th best public university in the nation ... and other awards and ratings!

Rated by U.S. News as a "2010 best career", landscape architecture is a profession dedicated to improving the interaction between people and the environment by means of environmental design and planning. Our goal is to increase quality of life through research and development of landscape design and planning processes that are meaningful, relevant and sustainable.

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LDA is now academically within the Department of Human Ecology, along with Human and Community Development, and is administratively within the CAES Cheddar cluster of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.