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UC Davis Homepage
LDA is now academically within the Department of Human Ecology
and administratively within the Cheddar cluster
Geography Graduate Group
LDA subject guide at the UCD library
UCD Arboretum
UCD Center for Regional Change
UCD Center for Watershed Sciences

LDA's official programmatic Linkedin profile for alumni

American Society of Landscape Architects
American Society of Landscape Architects, Sierra Chapter
International Federation of Landscape Architects
Landscape Architecture Image Resource (LAIR)
Landscape Architecture Magazine
Landscape Journal
Metropolis Magazine
Journal of Architectural and Planning Research
Trust for Public Land
Urban Land Institute
Moore Iacofano Goltsman
Land8Lounge -- useful website for students and professionals, unrelated to LDA @ UCD.
HALS/ca: advancing the National Park Service's Historic American Landscapes program.
The CA Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC): regarding the benefits of licensure and limitations of non-licensure for graduating landscape architects.
Local alumni landscaping firm Bushnell Gardens