The Landscape Architecture Program is pleased to informally forward via email requests for landscape assistance, which are announcements emailed by a local homeowner, community group or business looking for help with a particular landscape design project. These requests may be answered, if they are answered, by current UCD landscape architect upperclassmen and those alumni of our program who have expressed an interest in also being included in these jobs.

A request for landscape assistance should include a clear summary of the project, complete property description, location, landscape needs, desired plants and/or design elements, special needs, requirements of education and/or experience, and contact information. Images help!

LDA students: please see Sharla about possible unit credit for these projects.

As of October 2012, requests from private parties will no longer be posted here. The better method is to forward requests sent to directly to our upperclassmen and select alumni.  Any arrangement and agreement between the requestors and the consultants is a private matter between them.

Please note, the landscape architecture program is not an employment agency and holds no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in each advertisement. Furthermore, it is the sole responsibility of the interviewer or interviewee to conduct a complete background check prior offering or accepting a position and to negotiate all terms of employment. All advertisements are subject to removal at anytime without notice.
This is a courtesy service we provide to our current students, alumni, and the local community.