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UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES (commonly requested forms are below)

UC Davis offers the only professionally accredited undergraduate degree in landscape architecture in the UC system. It is a four-year program and graduates between 35 and 40 students per year. Fully accredited, as a professional degree program, by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the program prepares students to practice the profession of Landscape Architecture, as guided by the standards of the State of California, as well as the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Consistently ranked among the top undergraduate programs in the field, the program offers students a well-rounded, general education, while, at the same time, providing the skills and technical expertise necessary for a professional career in landscape architecture. The curriculum includes breadth in the humanities, social sciences and environmental sciences, to help students understand the complex relationships between human culture, the built environment and natural systems. Enrollment in this major must be limited due to staffing and space restrictions. Students are admitted through an application/portfolio process, normally in the spring of the Sophomore year. There is also a
pre-major in landscape architecture for prospective students.

Useful links:

The following forms can be found on the CAES website:

  • Student Petition Form - Extension of "I" grade, simultaneous enrollment at a community college, or anything else that does not have a form
  • Minor Petition Form
  • Double Major Petition Form
  • Petition to Complete Excess Units
  • Petition to Late Drop or P/NP Grading
  • Course Materials Fee Waiver

Internship forms are on LDA's own website.

Change of grade forms and completion of "I" grade forms are hard copies available from Sharla.